I’m moving

Hi guys thanks for sticking with me for 3 years and seeing the development of my work. It's a bitter sweet but I have to announce that I am Moving venue from WordPress to my own site @ http://www.kteodesigns.com Here you will see interactivity, portfolios my shop and new blogs. Hope to see you their … Continue reading I’m moving


Creating Conversation For Social Anxiety

Creating conversation can be awkward for most of us however for those who suffer from social anxiety it's a different ball game altogether.  Social anxiety disorder is common in both men and woman but there is a more growing number of woman that experience social anxiety.  The disorder can greatly affect a personal lifestyle and … Continue reading Creating Conversation For Social Anxiety

Breaking Down Barriers Event @GOMA

Hello everyone, Today marks the day of KteoDesigns first event which I call "Breaking down Barriers" this was constructed as an experiment to develop my communicating through jewellery project (see https://kteodesigns.wordpress.com/2017/05/08/how-to-communicate-with-people-and-break-down-that-awkward-barrier/). From there I took the decision to enhance this experience by making it a bigger event and open it up to the public for them … Continue reading Breaking Down Barriers Event @GOMA

How to communicate with people and break down that awkward barrier!

So its been a while i've wrote on this solely because I am usually the awkward person but mostly because I have been working non stop and technically continuing this "breaking down barriers" project as I believe people nowadays should physically talk to one another and not just be on their phones especially on a … Continue reading How to communicate with people and break down that awkward barrier!