A Glasgow born  Jewellery and Metal Design student of Duncan of Jordonson , born and raised Glaswegian with a half Asian background.

“I want to share with the world my opinion of the art culture in Scotland as I somehow feel my opinion matters be it witty or not.”

June 2015 Kim won the award from Walsh and Sons for her outstanding pieces in college for mixing media such as with lichen and fabric.

“The sole purpose of my jewellery was themed “Dear Green Place” as I felt that’s were the inspiration came and I grew up in a massive garden and therefore I feel that has influenced my work. However, now that I am in art college everyone is doing green and nature so I feel like I need to reinvent myself so lets see were the adventure takes me “

After being exposed to service design in Duncan of Jordonson Kim aspires to make something that will benefit or improve the lives of others. After working with people who suffer from anxiety and depression Kim began to make brooches that could help people manage their anxiety through a series of art therapy and aromatherapy which was encapsulated in these scented brooches.

Currently, Kim Is working on Communication difficulties between people especially as we live in the digital age Kim feels that there is a lack of human communication, the days of speaking to each other face to face or at a dinner setting the physical act of speaking has diminished. Therefore she has developed an icebreaker game which is also wearable to break down that communication barrier. If all goes well it will be displayed and shown in Duncan of Jordison in summer 2018.

For further details please contact-

Kim Tiong




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